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RVS Master™ - a Green Technology

The term "Green Technology" is widely used (and sometimes miss-used), hence it is important to establish how we define it, and what exactly it is that makes our technology "green". Technologies that fall under this category are ones that either produce clean energy, or ones that help reduce pollution and our impact on the environment, through any given means. Ultimately, such a technology ought to contribute to reaching sustainability.

RVS Master™ Nano-Ceramic technology is green because it helps preserve our environment - it greatly reduces vehicle emissions when used to treat engines. Vehicles and Equipment treated with RVS Master™ also burn less fuel, and over the duration of the effects of a single RVS treatment (typically 40,000miles/60,000km or 1500hrs of operation), hundreds or even thousands of gallons of fuel are saved.

In a nutshell, the use of RVS Master™ contributes to our environment by:

> Significantly reduces CO, HC and NO emissions of all types of vehicles and equipment

> Reduces fuel consumption by 5-12% over the duration of ~40,000miles/60,000km or ~1500hrs of operation

> Extends the useful life of vehicles & machinery, thereby reducing the amount of non-renewable resources

used in manufacturing new ones.


Click on the images below to see examples that illustrate the results achieved by applying RVS Master™ Nano-ceramic treatment to engines:

Emissions - '89 Olds Cutlass

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: RVS reduces Emissions

> View / Download (PDF, 362kb)

Dodge Van Oil-burn test

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: RVS stops major oil-burn

> View / Download (PDF, 21kb)

Oil Condition test

Location: Burlington, Canada

Subject: Oil w/ 6,000km after RVS

> View / Download (PDF, 52kb)

Point in Case

Consider the following - a Semi truck which typically gets ~5 MPG, will use 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel over the duration of 40,000miles. If it achieves even the minimal MPG improvement of 5% with RVS Master, the truck owner/operator will save approx. 400 gallons of fuel with a single RVS treatment! RVS Master™ will pay for itself two or three times over, while your truck is burning at least 400 gallons less to do the same amount of work. Not to mention the amount of emissions reduced in the process, or the fact the engine and turbocharger's lives will be extended significantly.

Now imagine that every truck in the United States and Canada burned 400 gallons less for every 40,000 miles, and its emissions were reduced accordingly. That alone would make a huge difference to our environment, to our use of non-renewable resources, and to owner/operators balance sheets.

Combustion Engines are inherently inefficient, hampered by things like internal friction and thermodynamic losses. Until we find a better substitute, we can at least continue to improve it and make it run more efficient - to burn less fuel, to expel less emissions and greenhouse gases. This is exactly what we at RVS Master are devoted to pursuing.