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Research & Testimonials

RVS Masterâ„¢ has been thoroughly tested in Research Labs and by Industry Professionals in various countries. On this page you will find a compilation of data and personal testimonials conducted by professionals as well as regular consumers.

We have categorized the Research and Testimonials according to type. Scroll down and click on the images to see details:

Scientific Research

RVS test on Locomotives

Location: Chita, Russia

Subject: Railway research results

> Download (PDF, 572kb)

Odessa Ntl. Maritime Uni.

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Subject: RVS Reduces Friction

> Download (PDF, 2.83mb)

Electron Microscope study

Location: Rewitec. Germany

Subject: Ford Fiesta taken apart

> Download (PDF, 0.98mb)

Testimonials from Industry Professionals

Precision Auto Tech

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: Engine Compression

> View / Download (PDF, 21kb)

InStyle Auto

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: RVS stops major oil-burn

> View / Download (PDF, 196kb)

RVS-Tec Canada

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: extended test on GM 2.5l

> View / Download (PDF, 531kb)

Testimonials from Consumers

Andrew Gruzca

Location: Auburn, Alabama

Subject: BMW 740i treatment

> View / Download (PDF, 256kb)

Jeff Collins

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: Pontiac Bonneville result

> View / Download (PDF, 56kb)


The test vehicles were treated with RVS and no other modifications were made. Please notice the difference in HC, CO and NO particles being emitted before and after RVS treatment. In particular, a drastic drop in HC and CO emissions can be observed, both at curb idle as well as 40km/h simulated driving:

Emissions - '89 Olds Cutlass

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: before/after emissions

> View / Download (PDF, 0.36mb)

Emissions - '91 Olds Cierra

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: before/after emissions

> View / Download (PDF, 1.04mb)

Emissions - '00 Dodge Van

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Subject: before/after emissions

> View / Download (PDF, 0.98mb)

Oil Analysis

In the following tests oil samples were collected from vehicles treated with RVS. After RVS treatment, fresh oil was put in the vehicles and they were driven for extended periods of time, in some cases much longer than the recommended oil change interval of 3,000miles/5,000kms. Notice how the Fe (iron) readings all show normal, meaning that there are no metal shavings breaking away from internal parts and falling into the oil - an indication that RVS has formed a ceramic layer which prevents such internal wear.

Wear Check Canada

Location: Burlington, Canada

Subject: Dodge oil w/ 6,000km

> View / Download (PDF, 52kb)

Toromont CAT Labs

Location: Concord, Ontario

Subject: Honda oil w/ 5,000km

> Download (PDF, 251kb)

Toromont CAT Labs

Location: Concord, Ontario

Subject: Pontiac Oil w/ 10,032km

> Download (PDF, 252kb)

Special Incentives

If you are an industry professional and would like to try our products, we have special incentives in exchange for testimonials that include before/after measurements similar to the ones seen on this page. Contact us for details.